EmuTarkov isn't a thing anymore...

Landing on this page means you're coming from somewhere that call themself the original EmuTarkov community. Emutarkov has Senko-san as "leader" and decided to close EmuTarkov project and rebranding the project into a new name, with the main community of the project which is the only original community: SP-Tarkov. Any other community that claim being the original one, and distributing the files as their own are wrong and lying to you.

Senko's Pub is the only place for official SP-Tarkov related news and development.

Please sign up to the official SP-Tarkov guilded community (Senko's Pub) to continue getting official information.

Anywhere else claiming to be 'Official' or 'Affiliated' with us, beyond those listed as official/affilated within the guilded community; are simply redistributing and copying our work without credit.

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